The living room is the most central, the most visited room in any home. One of the key furniture that you should choose wisely is sofas because they are the key elements of a living room.

There is a vast variety of sofas to choose from simply because they have existed for a long time and thus evolved greatly with the times, so you should carefully ensure that you pick the right one.

Things to consider before buying a sofa:

  • The size of your space—how big or small your living room is will aid in you choosing the right type of sofas. Ensure that you measure the room appropriately in order to purchase the right sized sofas.
  • Consider who will be using the sofas. This is important for you to know what type of fabric the sofas you purchase should have. If the sofas will be used by children for instance, then getting fabric that will easily wear and tear is not a good idea. Fci London has in house professional designers; they’ll help you pick the right fabric, right design for your furniture.
  • The type of feel you want the room to have between being informal or formal. The type of sofas you get can set the tone of any room. For example, know if it is going to be used in a room with little kids jumping all over, to entertain dozens of guests, etc.
  • Sofa designs are also a huge consideration. Different types of sofas take up different amounts of space and provide different types of comfort
  • The color scheme of any room will aid in choosing the right sofas. You will have to decide if you want to color coordinate or color block
  • Your budget is also a factor to consider before choosing the best sofa for your home. Working within your price range is essential in narrowing down your choices of sofas to consider

modern designer sofas

Steps to follow:

The next step is measuring. Measurements are the most important things to have before putting money on a sofa.

  • When measuring the room in preparation for the sofas, ensure to measure the space carefully with a measuring tape. Ensure to measure the length and the width of the room together with the height of your celling
  • Measure the hallways, stairs, doors and any other route that will be needed to pass the sofa through. This is in order to avoid the misfortune of not being able to move your sofa into the living room.
  • Now with all these dimensions measure the sofa before you buy and make sure it is the suitable fit for your room and that it can also get past through all the doors and hallways.

Signs Of A Quality Sofa:

Here at fci London, we have compiled a list of some of the signs of a quality sofa. Don’t be enticed by cons who sell fake products or cheap brands that lose their allure after a few months.

  • The type of sofa cushions will determine if the sofa will be durable or not. Cushions that are foam-wrapped are considered to be the best and long lasting as opposed to those that are down filler because they require a lot of maintenance and a lot of fluffing often to make them durable
  • The frame of the sofa is also another to tell the quality of the sofa. Hardwood frame is the best and although it is pricey, it’s worth it because it last long and won’t need to be replaced often
  • The fabric or material the sofa will also aid in telling the quality of the sofas. The best are natural fabrics with leather being a close second.

modern designer sofa

The types of sofas that are currently trending are,

Retro sofas;

These sofas are often straight but in odd times they are also curved. They tend to be a modern replica of couches from the 1940’s to the 1970’s era.

Contemporary sofas;

They often have straight lines and are usually divided into sections

Scandinavian sofas;

They are replica of the mid-century couches and often come in neutral colors

Classical sofas;

These are old pieces of fabric and sofas that are remade to make a new style and look of sofas

Chesterfield sofa;

Mostly found in leather sofas if brings a cigar bar feel to a room

Chaise lounge sofas;

These sofas usually have an extension that aids you stretch out your legs and put up your feet

contemporary designer sofa

Out of all these choices the reason you should pick contemporary sofas is that;

  • The materials used to make them are light making them easy to move around and redecorate the house at your convenience
  • They are more affordable than traditional sofas. This is because they use less expensive material to make
  • They are more stylish especially because they are modern and up to date with the trends
  • Most of the shapes and designs of the sofa have been made to fit the modern décor of saving space in the living room
  • They are easier to clean and maintain than traditional sofas

Disadvantages of contemporary sofas;

Although the disadvantages of contemporary sofas are not many, they are important to mention

  • Because they are made by lighter material, they easily breakable or easier to get spoiled
  • They are more prone to wearing and tearing and easily need to be replaced often

Fci are able to walk you through the different types of sofas and give you an in-depth look into the contemporary sofas

While choosing the best contemporary designer sofas the tough choice is always between leather or fabric sofas

Leather and Fabric sofas;

When it comes to leather sofas, they come in different forms. From suede, bonded, full grain, corrected grain or top grain. Fci have a variety of genuine leather sofas to choose from.

  • Genuine leather will look beautiful and classy in your home.
  • It is also very easy to maintain and clean making it ideal for the living room where much activity is going on
  • It is very tough to use and makes it durable in a home with children, frequent guests and even pests

Using fabrics on sofas is another contemporary way to make your sofas. Fabric sofas usually make a room feel homely and warm.

Fci London not only provide you with any type of fabric color or texture that you want; they also have ‘Alcantara’ fabric. This is a mix of fabric and leather making them long lasting than normal fabrics and also are said to be stain resistant

  • The use of fabric sofas add the advantage of color coordinating them to your throw pillows, curtains, carpets and even the walls in the house
  • Fabrics are easy to maintain and clean making them durable and sustainable
  • They are cost effective because even if a tear occurs you will not need to buy another sofa but you can simply patch up the tear or replace the fabric
  • With many guests some odor may occur on the sofas but with fabric sofas it’s easy to get rid of the smell with a fabric softener
  • You can sit on a fabric sofa for a long time without feeling uncomfortable or sweating on a hot day as opposed to a leather sofa

contemporary designer sofas

Fci London:

Fci is a professional designer furniture shop and an interior design company that has been running for more than thirty years. We specialize in making the best furniture and have made a name for ourselves as one of the leading furniture companies in London and beyond.

Having been in business for as long as technology and the internet were not around, Fci has found a way to grow with the times and be able to adopt with the new market, still producing quality work.

Contemporary sofas from Fci

We specialize in quality sofas from all the leading designers globally. Italian design, German design, oriental design; fci London has them all, just talk to us and we’ll be glad to engage you. For all contemporary designer sofa needs, we are your bests bet, you can never go wrong with us.

We have worked with brands such as; Leolux,Rolfbenz,Calligaris, Kartell, Contempo, Porada, Bonaldo and Naustor Italia. Being in a good partnership with these brands you are guaranteed to get value for your money.

We are open Monday to Saturday from 10 am- 6pm and Sunday/ bank holidays from 11am- 5 pm. You’re most welcome to pass by our showroom and see our amazing offers and discounted prices for designer sofas. We have discounts of up to 70% off on clearance items. Like aforementioned, our  designers can come over to your place for an inspection of the space, before you purchase your preferred contemporary designer sofas. That way, they’ll have a firsthand look and feel of what you want to achieve, they’ll then advice you on the best way forward. We don’t charge for such visits.