Introducing a breakfast bar or at home bar is a fantastic way to add more versatile seating and dining space. On-trend and highly sought after, a stylish bar will completely transform the way you use your space. 

One of the most important elements of a breakfast bar or at home bar is the seating. Bar stools need to be sturdy and practical, as well as stylish and present a fantastic opportunity to make a real statement. 

Cattelan Italia have created a striking collection of bar stools. Here’s our top 10 Cattelan Italia bar stools to add wow factor…

  1. The Cattelan Italia Axel Barstool

magda couture barstool by cattelan italiaCool by name and nature, the Axel Barstool features solid and sophisticated design. The sturdy metal base is beautifully contrasted with the soft pleating detail to the seat. With a curved shape and simple backrest, the seat features deep upholstery which is available in over 100 different finishes. Finally, the adjustable height makes this stylish barstool super versatile.

  1. The Cattelan Italia Magda Couture Barstool

With a strong structure and delicate stitching detail to the backrest, the Magda Couture Barstool has a subtle presence. Make a statement by choosing a contrasting base and upper, or go for sleek design by matching the legs to the seat. With over 66 colour choices, with the Magda Stool you can go for something simple and subtle, or create a real statement piece.

  1. The Cattelan Italia Dumbo Barstool

Made from beautifully soft leather and with a contrasting sturdy wood base, the Dumbo Barstool oozes sophistication. With a high back and slight overhang on the seat, this design ensures maximum comfort without any compromise on style. Modern but with a mid-century feel, the wood base can be made in four unique finishes, while there are over 100 choices for the seat.

  1. The Cattelan Italia Axel X Barstool

With a contemporary and industrial feel, the Axel X Barstool has a strong and grounding base. Featuring a sturdy cross to the base and supported on a single metal pole, this style is both minimal and striking at the same time. The pleating to the seat adds a contrasting feminine side and the seat can be upholstered fabrics and colours. The height of this stool is adjustable, making it practical too. 

  1. The Cattelan Italia Vito X Barstool

Vito x barstool by cattelan italia Featuring a clean sloping profile and unique footrest detail to the front, the Vito X Barstool perfectly balances function and style. With an ‘X’ shaped base the design is strong and simple. The sleek stainless steel footrest and height adjustable feature makes this stool both comfortable and practical. The seat of the bar stool can be finished in over 100 different fabrics and colours, and features a stunning waved shape. 

  1. The Cattelan Italia Vito Barstool

Much like the Vito X Barstool, this design is sleek and contemporary. With a different base, the Vito Barstool features a simple flat design with a square base available a black or chrome finish. Otherwise everything is the same – the striking footrest adds extra comfort, while the padded seat ensures maximum support.

  1. The Cattelan Italia Toto X Barstool

This style screams high end design with a relaxed vibe. Featuring a simple unpadded but comfortable leather seat, the Toto X Barstool can be designed with a rustic feel in tan, or more contemporary in black or white leather. The unique triangle shape footrest is a real talking point and will also add comfort to everyone that sits on the stool.

  1. The Cattelan Italia Pepe Barstool

Squat and with angular shapes, the Pepe Barstool has a unique presence about it. Ideal for enhancing breakfast bars or independant bars in modern homes, this stool features thin but strong metal to the base and a curved seat with mini backrest. Available in over 20 unique finishes, the Pepe Barstool will sit subtly yet impacfully within your home. 

  1. The Cattelan Italia Magda Barstool

magda barstool by cattelan italiaPerfectly blending contemporary and traditional style, the Magda Barstool is perfect if you want the best of both worlds. With a wide base in wood with a contrasting supporting bar, this stool would look as at home in a modern setting as it would in more classic interiors. Choose from multiple options for the base and over 100 different finishes for the seat to create your own unique style. 

  1. The Cattelan Italia Penny Barstool

Sharp edges and crisp lines define the Penny Barstool. With subtle stitching detail to the square shaped seat and backrest, this simple style is well grounded and will instantly change the look and feel of your interiors. With a sleek and simple metal base, the seat takes centre stage here. Choose from over 60 different shades to perfectly compliment your scheme.

Look no further than these 10 Cattelan Italia bar stools to add high-end style to your breakfast bar or freestanding bar. Invest in quality to ensure that the stools you choose are comfortable and practical, as well as beautiful.

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