For the professional interior designer or property developer, finding that element that will ‘wow’ your clients is the secret to success. A well thought out and put together scheme can be greatly enhanced with a statement piece or two, to add that unexpected element to take your scheme to the next level.

With almost 80 years experience designing and crafting luxury furniture, Cattelan Italia is a go-to when it comes to creating high-end interiors. With demand for armchairs on the rise, these stylish statement pieces are sure to blow your clients away…

  1. The Cattelan Italia Kate Armchair

kate armchair by cattelan italiaFeaturing a high-shine steel frame and upholstered seat with pintuck detail, the Kate Armchair perfectly balances contemporary design with traditional style. Available in over 60 different finishes, the deep and brooding shades would look perfectly at home in a gentleman’s club, while bold options will add a pop of colour to otherwise neutral and minimal interiors. 

  1. The Cattelan Italia Isabel Armchair

With options for a high or low back, the Isabel Armchair can be used in the sitting room or dining room. For statement dining table seating, choose the high back chairs in a matching colour palette, or enhance a cosy and comfortable seating area with a statement colour such as peacock blue or rust orange. The simple fold-over detail on the arms and backrest are all this sleek chair needs. 

  1. The Cattelan Italia Arcadia Armchair

The subtle design flairs within this armchair make it truly unique. Sturdy and simple, it’s not until you look a little closer at the Arcadia Armchair that you notice it’s unusual detail. With a slight arch to the backrest, arms with a wing like curve, and the legs that protrude just a little more than you might expect, this stunning luxury armchair is a true work of art. 

  1. The Cattelan Italia Anna Armchair 

anna armchair by cattelan italiaFeaturing a simple and strong design, the Anna Armchair is timeless and will truly last for years to come. Available in over 100 colour choices and with the option of a high or low back, the Anna Armchair would work well for a formal dining seating, or to add simple and chic style to the living room. Choose a classic colour to enhance the timeless style, or go for something bold and unexpected to add interest.

  1. The Cattelan Italia Magda Armchair

With beautiful stitching detail to the back, the Madga Armchair adds just the right amount of unique style. In a stunning leather finish, this deep armchair is most at home around a dining table, or as a pair in a grand entrance hall. With five options for the base and over 60 for the seat, this chair can be paired back to fit in seamlessly with your design, or made into a statement piece to add that all important wow factor.

  1. The Cattelan Italia Wanda Armchair

Wanda is a true thing of beauty. Featuring a sculptural and modern shape, the smooth lines and edges of the Wanda Armchair makes this piece truly unique. This unconventional design comes in over 100 finishes, so that you can create the perfect piece to suit your scheme. The unusual stubby armrest design makes this piece, while the slightly arched seat ensures maximum comfort.

  1. The Cattelan Italia Alaska Armchair

alaska armchair by cattelan italiaYou’d be hard pushed to find anything as striking as the Alaska Armchair. Made from stainless steel, it’s wonderfully reflective surface bounces light around the room and captures the design. No two chairs will look the same, as the reflective nature of the stainless steel means that this chair will look different depending on where it is placed. This is a true statement piece and only for the bravest of clients that crave a wow factor in their home. 

  1. The Cattelan Italia Indy Armchair

With a bucket like shape, the Indy Armchair is of contemporary and on-trend design. Sleek, simple and super comfortable, this armchair has a real presence about it and lures you to take a seat. With curved edges and a deep seat, the base is strong yet simple – the perfect modern design statement. 

Achieving that all important wow factor for your clients is made simple with the collection of armchairs by Cattelan Italia. Oozing style, these armchairs will help you achieve a versatile and functional space that’s practical too. 

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