5 Ways to Freshen up Your Garden Furniture Area

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Rather than completely redesigning your garden seating area, sometimes all that’s needed is a bit of a spruce up so that it’s ready to be enjoyed for the summer. This could include rearranging the space so that it works well for your summer plans, introducing new accessories and soft furnishings, or replacing those tired pieces to breathe new life into your garden furniture area.

Read on to discover five ways to freshen up your garden furniture area…

1. Introduce new soft furnishings

No matter what kind of outdoor seating area you have, soft furnishings are a great way to add personality and create your own stylish finish. From outdoor sofas and armchairs, to deck chairs and loungers, all kinds of outdoor seating could do with that added extra touch.

Consider your garden scheme and introduce blankets and cushions that compliment this. Consider a bohemian vibe, or even plain contemporary pieces to enhance your outdoor space. When it comes to storage, a chest is ideal to keep soft furnishings in when not in use. Try the Chest with Hardware and Handles from Unopiu to keep cushions and throws safely packed away.

2. Rearrange the space

luxury barbecue in your garden area

Buying new pieces might not always be necessary, instead consider how you could rearrange the space to suit your needs. Think back to the previous year and what kind of things you used your outside seating area for, such as BBQs with the family, al fresco dinner parties, or just relaxing with friends. Consider how this worked, and if your outdoor seating area could be working harder. From here, you can start to rearrange the space to work better for purpose.

Once you have rearranged the space, at this point you might realize something is missing. This is when you might need to consider introducing a new piece or two, to complete your newly arranged seating area.

3. Replace tired furniture

Garden furniture can take a lot, but sometimes it just becomes a bit tired after years out in the ever-changing weather. Investing in quality garden furniture will ensure it stands the test of time. If your garden furniture is a bit tired, consider updating it this season for a high-end set.

Vondom, Unopiu and Cane-line are all fantastic options when it comes to sourcing stylish and high quality garden sets. Think carefully about what you need – pieces from these brands are an investment, so take your time to decide on what will enhance your outdoor seating area to create a practical and beautiful space.

4. Introduce a new element

outdoor sun lounger in garden area

If it’s not necessary to replace all of your garden furniture, consider introducing a new element to enhance your space. Consider how you use the space and how you could improve it for the season ahead.

If you currently only have upright seating options, the Escape Sun Lounger by Cane-line could be a great addition. For extra outdoor storage, try the Armadio Laerte Structure to keep things handy next to your outdoor dining area. Finally, consider introducing a playful edge and a super relaxing seating option, with the Cave Swing Sofa.

5. Invest in a high-end barbecue

Last but not least, every outdoor seating space needs an impressive barbecue. If you don’t currently have a barbecue, investing in one will completely change how you use your outdoor space.

Consider the space you have available and how many people you might be cooking for. If you have limited space, the Grills Batur-Elegance Barbecue is perfect as it’s compact but sleek and practical. If you do have more space available and want to be able to host large barbecues, the Luxury Tacora-Elegance Barbecue is ideal.

As you can see, there are lots of ways that you can freshen up your garden furniture area, just in time for the summer months. Any outdoor seating area should be practical as well as beautiful, making it a joy to spend time in. Before you get started, just think about how you will use the space this year and what will enhance your garden seating, to create the ultimate garden furniture area.

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