Create the Ultimate At-Home Bar with the Cattelan Italia Bar Trolleys

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Create the Ultimate At-Home Bar with the Cattelan Italia Bar Trolleys

If you were to ask anyone what their ultimate dream is when it comes to their homes, many people would answerI would love an at-home bar’. Often considered a luxury, a bar at home is a fantastic way to enhance the social experience and take hosting to the next level. 

A great way to create your very own stylish bar at home is with a bar trolley. With no need for built-in bars or a large amount of space, a bar trolley is a perfect way to display all of your bottles and barware. Once considered retro, the bar trolley is now the ultimate luxury when it comes to creating a home that’s great for socialising.

How to create a Stylish bar at home with Cattelan Italia?

The Cattelan Italia Profil Bar Trolley

profil bar trolley by cattelan italia

Available with a polished frame of black or white made from strong and sturdy wood, the Profil Bar Trolley is sleek and sophisticated. Depending on whether you go for the black or silver frame, this style can be a real statement piece with a moody aesthetic, or it can appear slick and subtle, complimenting your interiors rather than taking over. 

With a clear glass base and shelves, this bar trolley provides the perfect amount of space to display bottles, glasses and barware. The clear glass makes the design feel light in the room, while the frame grounds it and creates presence. With wheels to the front and back, it’s easy to move the bar around to suit each setting – from casual cocktails in the sitting room, to large dinner parties in the dining room

The Cattelan Italia Mojito Wood Bar Trolley

Simple with a mid-century feel, the Mojito Wood Bar is the ultimate when it comes to sophisticated entertaining. At first glance this bar is simple in design, but when you look closer you notice the details that only a premium product would possess. With additional storage to the base and under the top, this bar enables you to keep everything neat and tidy for a super sleek and stylish finish.

The top and base is made from beautiful warm walnut wood, while the frame is graphite embossed metal. The low frame means the black wheels are subtle, but this feature makes the design versatile, ideal for hosting all sorts of gatherings.

The Cattelan Italia Mojito Chrome Bar Trolley

mojito bar trolley by cattelan italia

Featuring many of the same brilliant design features as the Mojito bar in wood, this design in high-shine chrome comes in two versatile sizes. With a modern polished look, if Brandy is the classy version of Cattelan’s trolley bars, then Mojito is the young coller one. 

With a chromed metal frame and top and contrasting dark wood slatted base, this trolley comes ready made with wine storage and is complete with an additional shelf for glasses. Ideal for modern interiors that use wood and textures to add warmth and an organic feel, the Mojito Chrome Bar Trolley will take your hosting and entertaining experience to the next level.

The Cattelan Italia Brandy Bar Trolley

As the more classic update on the Mojito Bar, the Brandy Bar Trolley just oozes sophistication. It’s slimline design makes it perfect to enhance that empty corner in your dining room or living room, while the wood top and metal graphite embossed frame will add character and quiet charm.

With just the right amount of design flair, the unexpected oversized wood wheel to the base is a unique feature and also practical too, allowing you to move the trolley around with ease as and when you need. Available in options of walnut canaletto or burnt oak, you can decide how dark and moody you want this design to be. Go for the darker shade to create a sophisticated ambiance, or the lighter wood to add warmth and charm.

Bar Trolleys are a great way to enhance your entertaining space at home – from your dining room to living room and kitchen, a stylish bar cart will be both aesthetically pleasing and functional. When it comes to choosing a bar trolley, Cattelan Italia is the perfect choice, creating premium bar trolleys of high-end design. Check out for 10 Cattelan Italia Bar Stools to add WOW Factor

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