18 Best Cattelan Italia Armchairs to Enhance your Home

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Created in the 1960s in Zane, Italy, Cattelan Italia is one of the most highly sought after luxury furniture brands around the world. Today the brand works with world-class designers to create a beautiful and functional range of premium-quality furniture. 

Well known for its contemporary and diverse collection of armchairs, Cattelan Italia is a go-to when it comes to sourcing comfortable and stylish seating for your home. Read on to discover 10 luxury Cattelan Italia armchairs to enhance your home…

1. The Cattelan Italia Tyler Armchair

The Cattelan Italia Tyler Armchair
The Cattelan Italia Tyler Armchair


Available in over 100 unique finishes, the Tyler Armchair is the ultimate when it comes to adding personality and a unique design flair to your home. With a beautiful structure and contemporary base, the minimalist design can be enhanced through your choice of materials. With over 100 options for the seat covering and seven options for the base, it’s possible to make this a statement piece with bolder finishes, or keep the look simple with neutral shades. 

2. The Cattelan Italia Tosca Armchair

Choose from a more traditional high back, or a contemporary low back design with the Tosca Armchair. With a mid-century feel, this simple and sleek armchair features shapely wooden legs that are available in three different finishes. The seat has a unique cutout detail to the arms, while the pintuck adds interest to the tall back design. Available in over 100 different fabrics, with this design it’s easy to find the exact shade you’ve been looking for to suit your scheme.

3. The Cattelan Italia Sofia Armchair

With a light simple base, the Sofia Armchair is a great option if you want to keep your space open and flowing. Drawing the eye to the expanse of the room, the slim legs make a statement without taking away from the space available. Choose from five different stains for the legs, and over 100 different fabrics for the seat with this simple and contemporary armchair.

4. The Cattelan Italia Piuma Edition Armchair

Sleek and simple, the Piuma Edition Armchair uses one material all over. Covered in sumptuous leather, this unique design statement uses the same quality and soft leather on both the seat and the legs. Add interest and texture to your home by introducing this premium quality material – the Piuma armchair is available in 27 different finishes and is of sleek and contemporary design. 

5. The Cattelan Italia Musa Armchair

Chunky and strong, this armchair is perfect for placing into a cosy corner to add additional seating and make a style statement. With a contemporary wood base and deep bucket-style seat, the Musa Armchair is available with five different base finishes and over 100 different seat finishes. Go for a rich and earthy tone to enhance darker and cosy spaces, or choose something light and bright to add to the contemporary style of your home. 

6. The Cattelan Italia Mulan Armchair

With a sturdy but sleek structure, the Mulan Armchair will be a stylish statement piece in the home. Featuring a simple wooden frame with a slightly chunky appeal, the legs come in a choice of seven colours, while the seat is available in over 100 choices. Also available with or without the armrests, the style without the armrests makes for great dining table seating around large tables. 

7. The Cattelan Italia Margot Armchair

Switch things up a bit and opt for stronger lines and edges, with the Margot Armchair. Different to the smooth and rounded edges of contemporary armchairs, this option features a sharper shape and angular lines. Covered in leather from top to bottom, the chair comes in various colour options and features a unique and subtle cutout detail to the arm rest.

8. The Cattelan Italia Magda Armchair 

Sculptural with a unique form, the Magda Armchair is sleek and simple. Compliment its unique shape by choosing to have the legs in the same shade as the seat, or create a truly unusual piece by going for a contrasting colour combination. With over 100 different combinations, it’s easy to create a design that will suit your interior perfectly. 

9. The Cattelan Italia Lulu Armchair 

With a regal feel to it, this grand armchair will enhance more traditional interiors, but with a contemporary edge. Available in a variety of different finishes, the Lulu Armchair can truly be made your own. With a tall back and sculptural arms, the design could be likened to the details found within castles and regency homes. Style with similar pieces, or make Lulu the statement piece. 

10. The Cattelan Italia Liz Armchair

Flexible, unique and modern, the Liz Armchair is truly a work of art. With a metal base to the front, the back appears to float above the ground. Providing great support to the back, this chair is both practical and beautiful. Choose from over 100 different seat coverings to compliment your home.

Cattelan Italia truly is a go-to for luxury armchairs that deliver both practicality and style. Designed to enhance the home, these armchairs will add versatile seating as well as high-end design. For the professional interior designer or property developer, finding that element that will ‘wow’ your clients is the secret to success. A well thought out and put together scheme can be greatly enhanced with a statement piece or two, to add that unexpected element to take your scheme to the next level.

11. The Cattelan Italia Norma Couture Armchair

Featuring a high-shine steel frame and quilted upholstered seat that comes in a choice of coverings, the Norma Couture Armchair perfectly balances contemporary design with traditional style. Available in over 60 different finishes, the deep and brooding shades would look perfectly at home in a gentleman’s club or office. 

12. The Cattelan Italia Isabel Armchair

With options for a high or low back, the Isabel Armchair can be used in the sitting room or dining room. For statement dining table seating, choose the high back chairs in a matching colour palette, or enhance a cosy and comfortable seating area with a statement colour such as peacock blue or rust orange. The simple fold-over detail on the arms and backrest are all this sleek chair needs. 

13. The Cattelan Italia Arcadia Armchair

The subtle design flairs within this armchair make it truly unique. Sturdy and simple, it’s not until you look a little closer at the Arcadia Armchair that you notice its unusual detail. With a slight arch to the backrest, arms with a wing-like curve, and legs that protrude just a little more than you might expect, this stunning luxury armchair is a true work of art. 

14. The Cattelan Italia Anna Armchair 


Featuring a simple and strong design, the Anna Armchair is timeless and will truly last for years to come. Available in over 100 colour choices and with the option of a high or low back, the Anna Armchair would work well formal dining seating, or to add simple and chic style to the living room. Choose a classic colour to enhance the timeless style, or go for something bold and unexpected to add interest.

15. The Cattelan Italia Magda Armchair

With beautiful stitching detail to the back, the Madga Armchair adds just the right amount of unique style. In a stunning leather finish, this deep armchair is most at home around a dining table, or as a pair in a grand entrance hall. With five options for the base and over 60 for the seat, this chair can be paired back to fit in seamlessly with your design, or made into a statement piece to add that all-important wow factor.

16. The Cattelan Italia Wanda Armchair

Wanda is a true thing of beauty. Featuring a sculptural and modern shape, the smooth lines and edges of the Wanda Armchair make this piece truly unique. This unconventional design comes in over 100 finishes so that you can create the perfect piece to suit your scheme. The unusual stubby armrest design makes this piece, while the slightly arched seat ensures maximum comfort.

17. The Cattelan Italia Rhonda Armchair

You’d be hard pushed to find anything as sumptuous as the Rhonda Armchair. It's made from a striking frame in titanium, bronze, graphite or black embossed lacquered steel and topped with a pouffy synthetic leather covering in a choice of 120 frames. It not only feels opulent, but it also looks and is extremely comfortable. This is a true statement piece for those who crave a wow factor in their home. 

18. The Cattelan Italia Indy Armchair

With a bucket like shape, the Indy Armchair is of contemporary and on-trend design. Sleek, simple and super comfortable, this armchair has a real presence about it and lures you to take a seat. With curved edges and a deep seat, the base is strong yet simple – the perfect modern design statement. 

Cattelan Italia Armchairs at FCI London

Achieving that all-important wow factor for your clients is made simple with the collection of armchairs by Cattelan Italia. Oozing style, these armchairs will help you achieve a versatile and functional space that’s practical too. 


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