Branding tips for your design business

As a designer, you understand the importance of getting a space exactly right. How you position certain pieces can completely change the way someone feels in a room. Lighting and accessories can either feel chaotic or create balance and harmony. Your credibility lies in perfectly capturing these details.

In the same way, how your business looks on the outside determines your credibility score within your target audience.

Successful business owners know that people choose products based on beauty. In a study done by Tyton Media, 48% of people said that website design was their number one factor in determining the credibility of a business.

The design of your creative material – website, logo, brochures, etc – is tied to trust. Here are some tips on how to use great design to influence how people feel about your business.

Create a standout website and memorable logo

Your website is usually what forms that all-important first impression. In this digital age, you only have a matter of seconds before someone makes up their mind about whether to use your business. Often the first thing they see when they land on your website is your logo.

It takes people about 10 seconds to form a first impression of a brand’s logo. Snap judgements count and there are no second chances. People will determine how likeable, trustworthy and competent you are based on that first glimpse of your brand. Logos and websites that look beautiful and create an aura of calm and efficiency are more likely to get engagement, even if the people behind the business are less than capable.

Branding tips for your design business

Shoot the lights out with your user experience

Great design is not just about the visuals; your digital process needs to be functional and effective. It’s no good having the world’s most innovative website if you take 2 days to respond to enquiries. A well-designed website can convert visitors to customers with minimal input from you.

When people have the attention spans of a goldfish, you don’t have much time to deliver what they want before they give up. Fun fact: a study by Microsoft Corp. shows that the attention span of an average person has declined by 4 seconds since 2000. Today we have just 8 seconds before our mind wanders elsewhere, while a goldfish surpasses us with 9 seconds’ concentration. Take a moment to let that sink in.

Your website should have information displayed in a simple manner, easy 1 or 2 click navigation and intuition based on how people will browse your platform.

Branding tips for your design business

Get social

We live in the age of aesthetics, where if what you’re selling is not displayed in all its Instagrammable glory, you are missing a large sector of your target market. Your social media strategy is as important as your website design. Figure out your messaging and look at what your competitors are doing on social media to find which platforms will work best for you.

Interior design is extremely visual, so Instagram is your best friend. Buffer studied the effect of graphics on Twitter and found that tweets with images had 150% more retweets than those without. If you use your own beautifully shot images rather than generic stock photos, so much the better. Consumers are smart and they can quickly tell original content from recycled internet freebies.

Branding tips for your design business

Be consistent

Imagine McDonald’s changed the colour of their M to turquoise or Coke decided to update their logo font to Times New Roman. The world would first be scandalised and then outraged. When it comes to brands, people don’t like change, and with good reason.

Brand consistency creates indelible trust because brands are tied to customer emotions.  If you are constantly changing your visuals, messaging or logo, it comes across and disorganised and chaotic. A brand that keeps changing is trusted and recognised less.

Easy brand recognition, such as the Coke or McDonald’s logo, leads to positive associations. These positive associations create perceived increased value, which in turn leads to higher sales.

Decide on your brand philosophy and identity and make sure you feature these consistently and regularly throughout your messaging.


For more tips on building your design business, touch base with our design experts who can run you through the project management tools that we offer. Built for designers by designers, we’re confident in our ability to help you be successful.


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