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best modern garden furniture

Outdoor furniture has become increasingly popular lately, not just for use in the garden but also for the terrace, patio, rooftop and the backyard. There are a number of reasons for this popularity, one of the main ones being an increased awareness regarding the importance of spending time with nature. 

We all know that it’s not a great idea to keep ‘screen staring’ all day long, as this has its toll on both our physical and mental health. Sadly, we need to be reminded of this more often than we realise, which is why we’ve compiled a list of  the top 10 benefits of spending time outdoors in your garden:

  • Fix Your Sleep Cycles: Sleep problems and insomnia have become very common these days and researchers have attributed this mainly to a lack of exposure to natural daylight. Spending time outdoors will help you fix your sleep cycle while also increasing your day time productivity and energy levels.
  • Get Some Therapeutic Healing
  • Get The Much-Needed Vitamin-D
  • Make The Most Out Of Your Workout Sessions

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best modern garden furniture in the world

Once you and your family are finally outdoors, how do you keep the kids entertained so you can enjoy some quality time for yourself?
Here are some of the simplest and most fun outdoor activities (that require minimum supervision) to keep your kids entertained in the garden for hours:

  • Painting Activities
  • Water Activities
  • Photography

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Once the kids are set, the world is your oyster – read, sleep, eat, lounge, meditate or just do some serious cloud gazing – whatever your plans, we’ve got you covered with some of the best garden furniture in the world:

Simplicity Is Key

Each of the above furniture collections by Talenti are characterised by simple, classic designs that are inspired solely by the concept of comfort and relaxation. Every product reflects a minimalist, elegant style with a unique and original form that can not be found anywhere in the market.

This is all particularly true for the Cottage Collection designed by Ramón Esteve, where innovation and functionality come together to reinterpret the country spirit. With Talenti, we see traditional materials like rope coexist harmoniously with the more modern materials like aluminium – creating timeless outdoor furniture that will immediately become a part of your everyday lifestyle.

Soho 2 Seater Outdoor Sofa by Talenti

Cottage Lounge Outdoor Armchair Talenti

Cottage Sofa Luxury 3 Seater Outdoor Sofa by Talenti

Cottage Sunbed By Talenti

Cottage Sofa Luxury 3 Seater Outdoor Sofa

Soho 2 Seater Outdoor Sofa By Talenti

Cliff Deco Braiding Outdoor Sofa by Talenti

Cliff Deco Braiding Outdoor Sofa By Talenti

Domino Outdoor Sofa by Talenti

Domino Outdoor Sofa By Talenti

Cliff Deco Lounge Outdoor Armchair by Talenti

Cliff Deco Lounge Outdoor Armchair Talenti

Luxury In Every Detail

Modern garden furniture is all about contemporary and flexible design that creates the most extraordinary ambience in both indoor and outdoor environments. Renowned designers and architects from all over the world have worked with Vondom to transform ordinary products into iconic designs. Continuing investment in research, innovation and development of high precision technology has allowed Vondom to create sustainable materials and multifunctional designs that allow you to make the best use of your space:

Sabinas Armchair by Vondom

Sabinas Armchair By Vondom

Ulm With Parasol Daybed by Vondom

Ulm Daybed By Vondom

Incomparable Products For Your Outdoor Living Room

All our outdoor furniture products are characterised by the core features of timeless design, attention to detail, aesthetic care and the use of the finest quality materials that are 100% suitable for outdoor use. A wide range of upholstery choices are also available for products along with different finishes, colours and styles so you can choose customised furniture that looks right at home in your outdoor space.

Along with offering modern design and weather-resistant materials, these products also ensure that you get the highest possible level of comfort so that you can truly enjoy your time with nature. This year we’ve further expanded our outdoor collection by adding several new and prestigious international brands including Outdoor Living, Westminster & Varaschin along with introducing the latest outdoor products by Talenti, Vondom & Unopiu.

Shop These Modern Garden Furniture Products Online Or Get In Touch With Us For Free Virtual Design Advice

Les Arcs Armchair by Unopiu

Les Arcs Armchair By Unopiu

Eden High Back Stackable Armchair by Unopiu

Eden High Back Armchair By Unopiu

Madison Rectangular 150 X 90Cm Aluminium Ceramic Teak Outdoor Table by Westminster

Madison Teak Outdoor Table By Westminster

Space Lounge Sofa 3 Seater Aluminumanthracite Textile In Grey 2 Color With Cushion In Silk Grey by Outdoor Living

Space Lounge 3 Seater Sofa By Outdoor Living

Interno Outdoor Table 220X100cm Square Tube Aluminum Graphite Table Top Silverstar Vintage Stone by Outdoor Living

Interno Table By Outdoor Living

Space Outdoor Armchair - Aluminum Anthracite Textilen Grey 2 - Color With Cushion In Silk Grey by Outdoor Living

Space Armchair By Outdoor Living

Taavi Corner Sofa 2.5 Seater Aluminum Anthracite Armrest Right Outdoor Fabric In Crystal Silver And Back Cushion by Outdoor Living

Taavi Corner Sofa By Outdoor Living

Soft Chaise Longue By Atmosphera

Soft Chaise Longue By Atmosphera

Synthesis Sofa Unopiu

Synthesis Sofa By Unopiu

Tweed Sofa by Unopiu

Tweed Sofa By Unopiu

Equinox Rectangular Extendable Dining Table by Unopiu

Equinox Extendable Dining Table By Unopiu

Hugo Sun Lounger by Unopiu

Hugo Sun Lounger By Unopiu

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