Corner wardrobes are increasingly becoming a popular option for many people, not only for their ability to help save space but also their aesthetic value.  A nicely designed and fitted corner wardrobe has the ability to transform the general ambiance, feel and mood of a space in an instant. You have a wide variety of designs and materials to pick from, from high polished wood to special reflective glass, or even steel doors and handles to inject a totally unique feel. Either way, what’s important to note is the fact that your individual preferences and tastes, plus the size of your room are what will determine the best design to go for; and of course your budget. Here below, we have listed down just a few examples of awesome designs that you can never go wrong with;

Corner wardrobe as a divider; who said that corner wardrobes must always be fitted on the corner wall? You can use them as sub dividers in the middle of the room; for instance forming a divide between your bed and the en suite bathroom or in some other creative way within your room. Basically, have the wardrobe painted with the same color as the walls so that it blends in and compliments the general design. A guest would very easily take the wardrobe as a mere divider of the room, until you open the doors to reveal a neat and spacious storage compartments in the middle of the room!

Corner Wardrobe Designs

Corner wardrobes near windows; Again, a corner wardrobe doesn’t necessarily have to be squeezed in on a corner. You can try designing it near or next to a window. Think of a window in the middle of a room and your wardrobe being creatively fitted on either sides of the window. The window should be included in the design so that the end design is a window surrounded by the perfect corner wardrobe, with each door placed on either side. Remember the space between the doors has plenty of natural light from the window, right? That’s a perfect space to include a window seat or just some reading nook.

Corner wardrobe with TV Shelves; do you love watching TV while resting in bed? You can get a professional designer to design a corner wardrobe with built in TV Shelves. Be sure to place the TV at the right height when designing it’s shelve, while you can include some additional shelves at the top to act as book shelves and space for other media units.  Why not, you could even place your indoor plant or flower above the TV shelve to add an element of nature in your room.

Corner wardrobe hinged doors

Corner wardrobe with sliding doors; last but not least, sliding doors never disappoint when used in the bedroom. They take little space and can be made of glass or wood.  They also enhance the aesthetic value of the room and from a distance, they leave one guessing how spacious or well lit the inner storage compartments are. Some corner wardrobes with sliding doors come with complete dressing mirror and a table, even a seat. Alternatively, you can request the designer to fit the sliding doors with a reflective mirror so that each time you get to the room, you can see your own reflection and that of the bed.

Quick Tip; when looking to have a corner wardrobe fitted into your space, always ensure that you pick a professional designer who has experience designing the same. Only then can you be sure that your own ideas and personal preferences are incorporated in the final design. Besides, professional designers will always give you very valuable professional advice to help you decide on the best design to go for.

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