If you have never thought of having fitted wardrobes in your home, now is the time to consider having them. Fitted wardrobes are not a new concept in design; however, they come in different unique designs that help maximize the available space. Fitted wardrobes have more benefits compared to a freestanding wardrobe. People prefer fitted wardrobes not just because of their storage efficiency, but also because they create a positive aesthetic vibe in your home. Once you clearly understand the advantages of having fitted wardrobes, you will definitely consider giving them a try.

Here Are Some Of The Advantages Of Fitted Wardrobes;

1. They are Customizable;

Benefits of fitted wardrobesFitted wardrobes give you the ability to make changes to both the interior and exterior. You can add more space for hangers, shelves, racks, and drawers to your wardrobe depending on how many your outfits are. They can also be divided into individual spaces for couples who live together but don’t want to share wardrobe space. You can make your drawers at a height that is convenient for you to reach. For the design, you can have custom made wardrobe doors. You could also add pattern to how your shelves and drawers are arranged. This is the top benefit of having a fitted wardrobe. You get to have the freedom to design your wardrobe in any way you like.




2. Efficient use of Space;

Benefits of Fitted wardrobesThe fact that fitted wardrobes can be easily customized means that they maximize the usage of the available space. They can fit into any room size with any form of shape in your home. It doesn’t matter whether the room is L-shaped or oval shaped. They can even be installed under the stairs. Fitted wardrobes are basically flexible to fit into any space. Fitted wardrobes can be installed anywhere in your home without any difficulty. This makes them convenient and efficient for you.





3. Easy to Clean and Maintain;

Fitted WardrobesCleaning freestanding wardrobes is tiring and frustrating. You have to step on a stool in order to clean the top areas. It gets worse when you have to clean cobwebs below the wardrobe and the area between the freestanding wardrobe and the wall. You could get rid of all these difficulties simply by getting yourself a fitted wardrobe. Fitted wardrobes are designed in a way that they fit your ceiling and floor so you don’t have to worry about cleaning the top areas or under the wardrobe. They also don’t have unused space so you do not have to worry about cobwebs and spiders. They are also easy to maintain since every part of the wardrobe is visible.




4. They Complement your Interiors;

hanging door wardrobesSometimes you buy a freestanding wardrobe but when you bring it to your home, you realize that it doesn’t match your home’s interiors. Other times, your current wardrobe may not match your interiors after you redesign your home. Building your own fitted wardrobe allows you to use materials that match the interior of your room. Fitted wardrobes can also be used as an element of design in your home. You can add the right finishes and fixtures to make your fitted wardrobes more modern and elegant.





5. They are an Investment;

hanging door fitted wardrobesFitted wardrobes act as a tangible investment. If you use durable materials to make your fitted wardrobe, you can be sure that it will last longer. A nicely designed built-in wardrobe adds value to your home and can add its value when you decide to sell your house later. You don’t have to worry about spending much on your fitted wardrobe because you will reap the benefits once you decide to sell your home.

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