Do you have small rooms at your home, where you want fit in wardrobes designs as you like? Wardrobes are of different types which can set up based on the your expectation and space you. Here, we show you how this can be done for your small bedrooms.

  • Floor-to-Ceiling:

Match your wardrobe color with the wall color in your bedroom. It will melt the background with the wardrobe patterns to show no difference between them. The end result will be a small bedroom with enough storage and no overdoing look. Floor-to-ceiling height and first-in class finish adds positive illusion to the space.

Floor To Ceiling Wardrobes

  • Reflective:

The reflective wardrobes will make your bedroom look doubled than usual because of its reflection. This design is best of the rest when it comes to small bedroom wardrobe designs. These wardrobe can be fill entire wardrobe or a partition of it, either way be used based on your expectation and ideas.

Reflective Wardrobe Design

  • Lofts:

Make us of lofts in your small bedroom, which will give a high look for the people who visits. The lofts can be used to store once time usage prospects like books, travel items, seasonal wears etc., Efficient usage of lofts in your bedroom make its spacious than it actually looks after bringing in wardrobes.

loft wardrobe design

  • Matte Finish

Translucent doors will you what is actually inside but not clear. This is one of kind intelligent ways of designing wardrobes in your small bedroom. The depth through those half-transparent doors will allow to feel the complete space of the bedroom.

Transparent Wardrobe

  • Light and Light

Use light color for your bedroom with proper lights. The light color like white, grey or any neutral color will fool the eyes, as the bedroom will look similar at each corner. Make use of lights as well to bring in bright glow to your bedroom effortlessly.

Lighting wardrobe Designs


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