Top home decorating ideas to enhance your space

The first focus for designing a home is to consider the different textures you are going to include. It easy to be drawn towards the usual suspects such as leather and wood however when trying to craft a textured space it is important to step outside your comfort zone and focus on patterns and textures you may wear within your personal style. If you think about your clothes within your wardrobe and the clothing style and patterns you admire and wear, this may give you some great inspiration, which can then be portrayed in your home interior style.


Transforming your home interior can be an exciting experience yet very difficult. Another top focus is the color connections within your home. Each aspect of the room, from the curtains to the rug to the simplest of decorations should connect through colors palettes, even the tiniest of detail of color.  For instance, even the bouquet of flowers you have on your dining room table should have a relative color to the room and these should ultimately combine together to create a calming and connected atmosphere.  

Another consideration is the layout and positioning of the furniture, as well as the small decors in between. This should be thought out strategically so you can create a practical and visually stimulating environment. Firstly, establish the focal point of your room; this could either be a fireplace or a window or something you have brought into the room yourself such as a statement chandelier/light fixture or a feature wall. Never the less, there should only be a maximum of 2 statement areas/pieces within your space – Think of your focal point like your makeup, if you’re going to go dramatic with the eye makeup, then you would need to go easier on the lip colour and wear a neutral lip…if you don’t wear makeup then you probably have no idea what I am talking about, however I am sure you get the point…


Though some people may like to go a little crazy with statements, I personally think to make your room bold there should be a statement area with simplicity surrounding this.

The smallest of items and accessories can bring the room together in the best of ways. To create a harmonious and Zen place, start with a rug. Although this may sound like a pretty subtle item within your home, on the contrary can actually connect the space immensely and bring the room together. Another important detail is cushions, steer away from a single color palette and in cooperate a couple of different colors that are bold, exiting and make for a great combination – furthermore not forgetting to include different textures such as knit, velvet (crushed velvet is beautiful too), woolen and many more!   A number of different accessories include candles (Perhaps create an arrangement of different sized candles onto a silver/gold/brass tray – this always makes for a great statement), Throws, Abstract art pieces, Vases (& great flower arrangements), Lamps, Stools and many more.


Our rooms are the ultimate space for de-stressing and the design should make you feel at ease, comfortable and energized all at the same time… In case you run short of ideas, never hesitate to contact a trustworthy interior designer who’ll help advise you on the best way to go about it.

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