B&B Letti have a range of exceptionally designed and produced, standard beds but also have a separate production facility for completely customised beds. Their deep and comprehensive understanding of the value of meeting a customer’s expectations and distinct preferences, made them realise that mass production alone would make it impossible for them to cater to the exact requirements of all clients.

What does this mean to customers of B&B Letti? They have the opportunity to add their insights into the shape, size, colour and upholstery of a particular product. The company is focused on the production of upholstered beds. Combined with their uncanny ability to create furniture according to customer specifications, they are able to satisfy a client and provide them with upholstered beds that perfectly fit their expectations.

B&B Expertise

Providing made-to-order upholstered beds leaves little doubt to the amazing skills and ingenuity of the B&B Letti team. Considering that no two people have the same preferences in terms of beds, they would have the ability to create something different for different clients every time. This also means they need to be spot on in the choice of materials and the procurement of just the right amount of raw materials to minimise wastage.

But what is really amazing is their ability to understand what a client wants for a bed and then create it to their satisfaction. With some people having a hard time expressing their ideas, and some not even knowing exactly what they want, B&B Letti’s skills and knowledge to turn into reality a customer’s idea, regardless of how un-clear, is truly remarkable. B&B Letti makes possible what others deem impossible.

B&B Letti Products

Some of the upholstered beds that B&B Letti has created showcase what the company is capable of creating, and how they can turn ideas into tactile examples of beauty and functionality.


his elegant bed would make anyone want to crawl on top of it and just relax fully into its luxury and elegance. It features a sturdy and durable frame, and a headboard with a square-tufted design that supports comfortable support for your back. It is wide enough to accommodate two people, and plush enough to make sleep a wonderful affair. Moreover, the bed is made of eco leather, making it an environment-friendly choice. Azurro is the epitome of a bed that you lets you sleep with a clear conscience.


This is one upholstered bed that lets you play with the colours of the headboard. Featuring large squares, you have the option to combine different shades to create a more playful headboard that not only provides back support, but also a pop of colour. With the right shades, it can be the focal point of your bedroom. It can be made from skin, eco leather or cloth. All models can be fitted with a container that is cleverly concealed under the bed frame. Gas springs allow for easy lifting for whenever you need to access the under-bed storage.

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