An artisan company that specialises in the creation of leather and metal seating, Aria experiments with the cut, stitching, and combination of textures and materials to create elegant and functional furniture pieces. The company was established in 1989 in Udine, a design district in northeastern Italy.

It was born out of the intuition of Daniele Furlan, with a production model based on efficiency and highly flexible industrial processes. The company focuses on manufacturing leather and metal furniture pieces for the residential, contract and cruise markets. Combining the excellence of artisanal finishings and efficient industrial processes made it possible for Aria to create products that are unique and meet the highest international standards of ISO 9001.

Aria Design and Production

Aria’s catalogue currently has over 150 products, renowned for their use of premium Italian leathers. This is why the company is strongly linked with the innovative use of forms, materials and technologies, and stylistic choices that are a direct result of the combination of international design and timeless elegance provided by leading architecture studios.

Designs usually come from ideas that came from the textures and materials available for use. Designers and architects study the materials presented to them and find ways to express their creativity. They then suggest their ideas to clients, creating a dynamic and inventive market.

Some of the materials used in Aria products include eco-leather, a fire-resistant synthetic leather, faux pony hide made of 100% cow hide, full grain leather, genuine leather, reconstituted leather, soft leather, and velvet.

Aria is exclusively and entirely manufactured in Italia, which leaves little doubt of its products’ quality and beauty. Materials are carefully tested and only a production process that meets the strictest requirements of excellence for the home and contract markets is used. This guarantees product delivery that is 100% Made in Italy.

Aria is distributed in 74 countries and has appointed Italian designer Gian Paolo Venier as an art director in 2016.

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